What services do you offer?

It all starts with Maintenance and Repairs – but at Poolblu it doesn’t end there. We provide everything from Design and Engineering services – through complete renovations. Learn more here.

The initial investment required to start a franchise varies. It includes the franchise fee, equipment, supplies, and working capital. Detailed costs will be provided in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). To get going, know that Poolblu is designed from the ground up to cost the least – and to get started and profitable as fast as possible.

We offer comprehensive training on our services, products, customer relations, and business operations through the Poolblu Training Institute. But unlike many others, our call center operations support your team around the clock with any question or issue you might have. PTI coursework and instructors are available during your on-boarding, as well as regularly scheduled and on-demand for continuous building of your team. We also provide support is also provided through marketing assistance, operational guidance, and a dedicated franchise consultant.

Various territories are available nationwide. Please contact our franchise development team for the most current availability in your desired area.

The typical timeframe to launch a franchise is between 3 and 6 months, depending on various factors including location, hiring, and training. Thanks to our unique business model, with Poolblu you can be up and delivering world-class quality services in less time than that!

Income potential varies based on factors like location, operational efficiency, and market demand. Once we know your desired location, our team will help you build an accurate market potential and income picture.

In many parts of the US and the rest of the Americas, especially in warmar areas, seasonality has little impact on sales and work-load. In cooler climates, our broad service offering – which includes renovation projects and services designed specifically for commercial indoor pools – helps make us a leader in year-round income.

Many of the Poolblu’s features are truly innovative – and they are not offered by other pool and spa franchises.  Our unique business model is made possible by a combination of technologies, innovative business processes and scale economies.  Just check out the chart here for a sample of what we mean. We are looking forward to telling you more as we get to know you!

We don’t settle on delivering quality – our goals include creating new ways to make customers say “WOW!”  Clear service product definitions, standardized practices, and efficient systems all help us ensure quality – and extensive documentation, automated electronic systems, and the Poolblu Training Institute are a few of the tools we use to make it happen.  We search for feedback, regularly audit our performance, and modify what we do to help achieve these goals.

Yes. We help you evaluate the size of your market, plan your sales goals and launch your business marketing with you. We provide telemarketing support and advertising programs – some that we even put in place before you begin your training! Our materials include everything you need to build a strong brand presence in your territory – from branding standards and printed materials to national and regional campaigns.

Poolblu was built from the ground up to operate an international pool and spa service network. Our leadership has led and worked in some of the largest companies in the industry. The thousands of dealers we have met and worked with over the years have helped us build this unique business. It truly is a different kind of opportunity – and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. Poolblu already has company-owned operations in many markets and is looking for the right teammates to build out the network.