Different. Better.


Poolblu – Pool and Spa Services

At Poolblu, we are not just a business. We are a team, committed to setting new standards in the Pool and Spa industry. With a rich portfolio of products and services tailored for the international pool, spa, aquatic, and leisure living community, we are committed to delivering excellence at every touchpoint. Our spectrum of services spans designing, creating, monitoring, operating, servicing, and repairing a diverse range of commercial and residential pools and spas.

Our Offering Pillars


More than maintenance and repairs. At Poolblu, we offer more services than any one. Everything from renovation designs and permitting, all the way through advance electronic troubleshooting and remote monitoring services. No one will offer more services than you.



No one beats your product selection. Poolblu.com is yours!  All the best products shipped every day – direct to you or your customers.



Poolblu Dealers buy at great prices – so do their customers. Whether  it’s materials you need or supplies  direct to your customers, you can rest assured of world-class value.



The Poolblu Training Institute, (PTI), is second to none. We offer comprehensive training on all of our services, all of our products, customer relations, team building and business operations. All of it is yours to get started, with additional scheduled and on-demand classes always available.

International Strength – Local Commitment

Everything about Poolblu is designed to make locally owned operators the best in the world. Working together we can do things we could never do alone.


Being the leading Pool and Spa Service Organization is hard work. Our team makes it happen. Every member of the Poolblu family is a teammate committed to doing their part in support of the rest of the team.

Our clientele is as diverse as our services. From backyard pool and spa owners to prestigious country clubs and brand-name, hotel, and resort operations, we cater to a vast array of aquatic needs. The Poolblu family is continually growing, backed by a network of proficient local market technicians and engineers who bring on-site services and unparalleled expertise to satisfy nearly every pool and spa requirement.